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What is the Typical Cost of Getting Braces?

Team Orthodontics

Does your child need braces? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions that tends to come up right away is, “How much will braces cost?” It is true that braces can seem costly, but when compared to other medical and dental treatments they are really on the low end of the spectrum. Here’s an overview of what you can expect for orthodontic services.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Braces

A variety of factors influence the cost of braces from one dental/orthodontic practice to another. There’s an average cost range that most braces fall somewhere within that varies based on these factors.

  • Cost of living in your area. Like any other service, the cost of living in your area will affect the cost of braces. Braces tend to cost more in a large urban area than a small rural town. 
  • The dentist/orthodontist’s level of experience. The longer a dentist or orthodontist has been practicing and the length of time their office has been open may affect the cost of braces. A well-established practice may charge more because of their level of experience, or may be able to charge less because the quantity of patients keeps them well-covered financially. 
  • The type of braces you choose. There are a few different types of braces available and some cost more than others. For example, clear braces cost more than traditional metal braces. 
  • The extent of corrections that need to be made. Some practices charge a lump sum for the complete braces treatment. Others may charge more for patients with extensive orthodontic issues that will require more advanced treatment.
  • The duration of time you will need to wear braces. The extent of the corrections that need to be made to your teeth will determine how long you’ll need to wear braces. Some practices will charge by the month or based on the amount of time they will be treating you. 

        Average Price Range by Type

        For each type of braces or alignment system there is an average price range. 

        • Metal braces: $2500-$6500
        • Clear ceramic braces: $2800-$8000
        • Lingual braces: $7000-$11,000
        • Invisalign: $2500-$8000

              Metal braces are usually the least expensive option because they are the most basic form of braces that have been used for decades. You may prefer a less visible option, but you’ll most likely pay more for it.

              How Can I Afford Braces?

              Now that you have an idea of what to expect, you may be wondering how you’ll pay for braces. Not everyone has that kind of money saved up. Don’t worry, there are different options available to make the cost of braces more affordable, such as: 

              • Insurance. If you have dental insurance it may cover part or all of the cost of braces. Contact your insurance provider or your employer’s benefits specialist to find out what your plan covers. 
              • FSA/HSA. If you have insurance, your plan may include an FSA (Flex Spending Account) or an HSA (Health Savings Account). The funds in these accounts can be put toward braces. If you have questions, contact your insurance provider, employer’s benefits specialist, or the financial institution that holds your account. 
              • Financing. If none of the above options are available to you, the next option is to apply for financing. CareCredit is a financing option that applies to medical costs of all kinds. If you’re approved for credit you can pay for braces on a monthly basis, usually with no interest for the first year. 

                  Braces are Affordable at Tender Smiles 4 Kids

                  If your child has orthodontic issues, it is best for them to get braces when they are still young. Correcting problems early can prevent the current issues from getting worse and causing additional problems. Teeth and bite misalignment can cause permanent damage to the teeth and jaw if not corrected. Don’t let cost affect your decision. Braces at Tender Smiles 4 Kids can be made affordable for anyone. 

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