Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Frenectomies

Lasers in Dentistry

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We use soft tissue lasers for lip and tongue tie frenectomy treatments. These lasers release tethered oral tissues quickly and effectively, improving feeding, speech, and swallowing problems in infants, children, teens, and adults. In older children, soft tissue lasers can also be used to remove excess tissue prior to orthodontic treatment.

Lip and tongue ties are often diagnosed by pediatricians or lactation consultants in infancy as a result of feeding difficulties. Symptoms of lip or tongue tie in infants include:

  • Nursing ulcers on the lips
  • Gulping or clicking sounds while nursing
  • Gumming or biting nipples
  • Milk leaking from the sides of the mouth while feeding
  • Choking easily
  • Frequent releasing and relatching
  • Shallow latching
  • Long feeding sessions, often with the baby falling asleep mid-feed
  • Colic, gas, or reflex
  • Poor weight gain or weight loss
  • Inability to hold a pacifier in the mouth

A breastfeeding mother also experiences symptoms associated with her infant’s lip or tongue tie, including:

  • Painful nursing
  • Thrush
  • Decreased milk supply
  • Painful nipples, with cracking, blisters, and bleeding
  • Frequent mastitis
  • Breasts are not emptied after feeding
  • Physical discomfort with nursing

Sometimes a lip or tongue tie is not diagnosed in infancy and causes feeding and swallowing issues in older children. Signs that a frenectomy is needed are as follows:

  • Poor weight gain
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Refusal to eat
  • Picky eating: eating only certain types of foods or refusing new foods
  • Wet-sounding voice after eating or drinking
  • A history of recurring lung infections

With soft tissue lasers, tongue and lip ties can be released in a simple five to 10 minute procedure with only topical anesthetic to numb the area. There is little-to-no bleeding or pain after the procedure—in fact, your infant will be able to breastfeed immediately following their frenectomy. For older children, local anesthetic and sedation may be needed, but the procedure and recovery are otherwise the same.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Lip and Tongue Tie Frenectomies

Is tongue tie surgery necessary?

Tongue tie surgery is not always necessary, but if your child’s pediatrician or lactation consultant recommends it, it’s likely a good idea. The procedure is simple, safe, and has minimal risks or side effects.

Is tongue tie surgery painful?

Laser lip and tongue tie frenectomies cause very little pain. We use topical or local anesthetic prior to treatment so there is no pain during the procedure and recovery is more comfortable when the surgery is performed with a laser instead of surgical scissors.

At what age can tongue tie be treated?

Tongue tie can be treated as soon as it is diagnosed, even if a baby is only a few days old. If tongue tie is causing significant issues with feeding and swallowing, it’s important to get necessary treatment to ensure that your child is getting the nutrition they need to grow.

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