Laser Dentistry: How Does It Work?

Laser Dentistry: How Does It Work?

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Laser dentistry benefits pediatric patients because it can work on hard or soft tissue with significantly less discomfort than with standard methods. Many parents want to know how laser dentistry works and whether it is safe for their children. 

Applications of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has been in use for decades. Over the past twenty years, researchers have found many new applications for adult and pediatric dentistry. Lasers can prepare cavities for treatment, reshape gum tissue, perform biopsies, treat gum infections, and assist in frenectomies, among many other uses.

How Dental Lasers Work

A dental laser is a concentrated beam of light. Since the light beam is so tight, it produces a targeted energy point that can perform many of the same tasks as traditional dental instruments. The light's wavelength determines whether it works on hard or soft tissue.

Hard tissue lasers work on teeth, enamel, and bone. Diode lasers work on soft tissue. These lasers heat a fiber optic tip that shapes or removes soft tissue.

Benefits of Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry

No Noise or Vibration

Lasers produce very little noise and no vibration, unlike a dental drill. Young patients who are anxious about dental drills can rest comfortably while a pediatric dentist uses a laser.

Increased Patient Comfort

A laser procedure is generally much more comfortable than a similar one with a drill or other tools. Pediatric dentists can often use very little local anesthesia or none at all.

Easier Healing and Fewer Infections

Lasers make clean incisions and sterilize as they go, making healing faster and easier. Another side benefit is a major reduction in post-procedure infections.

Reduces Bleeding and Swelling After a Procedure

Lasers cauterize tissue and prevent excessive bleeding after a procedure.

Avoids Damage to Healthy Tissues

A laser's pinpoint accuracy means a pediatric dentist can easily avoid healthy hard or soft tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Dentistry

Is laser dentistry safe for kids?

Laser dentistry is safe for pediatric and adult patients alike. Many medical studies point to its effectiveness. Dentists use extensive safety procedures, including providing special laser glasses to prevent patient eye damage.

Is there any discomfort after the procedure?

As with any dental procedure, your child may experience minor discomfort, but lasers significantly reduce these sensations compared to standard dental tools. Your child should be able to resume their normal activities shortly after their appointment.

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Laser dentistry is a well-developed field; pediatric dentists can use its advanced capabilities to improve patient care. If your child needs a soft tissue procerure, we can use a laser for an easier experience.

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