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How Much Does Sedation Dentistry For Children Cost in New Jersey?

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Many children have trouble sitting still through dental procedures, especially if fear or anxiety is involved. Because pediatric dentists want to provide the most pleasant experiences for their young patients, sedation is often used. 

Let’s take a look at how much sedation dentistry for children costs in New Jersey.

Types of Sedation For Children

Because each child is different, as well as their need, most pediatric dentists will offer multiple types of sedation to choose from. Below are a few of the most common. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas, is a safe and highly effective option for calming children for the duration of their dental treatment. 

Using a mask that fits over the nose, the nitrous oxide is breathed in through the nose causing the patient to feel relaxed and calm. It begins working right away and the sensations from it will dissipate within moments of removing the mask. 

Conscious Oral Sedation

Conscious oral sedation involves orally taking a medicine that will relax the patient and allow the dental team to easily proceed through the treatment. 

With this type of sedation, the child will still be awake yet a little drowsy during the procedure. They will be able to talk and respond, though dozing off during treatment is not uncommon at all. 

IV Sedation 

IV sedation is a bit different. This involves the use of a licensed dental anesthesiologist who will administer sedation through an IV.

This type of sedation is often reserved for those who have complex procedures - or multiple procedures that will be addressed at one time. It will put your child into a sleepy twilight throughout the procedure. And there will likely be no recollection of the treatment once it is over. 

General Anesthesia/Hospital Dentistry

For children who have extreme anxiety or fears or for those who need to undergo complex dental surgery, general anesthesia may be necessary. 

In a hospital setting, general anesthesia is administered through an IV and is used to put a patient under so that they are fully asleep throughout the treatment. Medical machines will help the patient breathe throughout the treatment and vitals will be constantly monitored. 

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost in New Jersey? 

The type of sedation used plays a role in how much it will cost. Below is an average cost for common types of sedation dentistry. 

  • Nitrous oxide: Between $75 and $150
  • Conscious oral sedation: Between $200 and $500
  • IV Sedation: About $1,000 to $1,500 per hour

Your child’s dental team will be able to give you a breakdown of costs so that you will know what to expect more specifically. 

Sedation Dentistry at Tender Smiles 4 Kids

At Tender Smiles 4 Kids, we understand that early dental treatment sets the foundation for a lifetime of oral health. That’s why we do what we can to make your child’s trip to the dentist as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. For some, that involves the use of sedation during dental procedures.

We offer multiple types of sedation that your child may take advantage of. To learn more about our sedation services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at one of our several convenient locations.