How Much Do Braces for Children Cost in New Jersey?

How Much Do Braces for Children Cost in New Jersey?

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Braces are an excellent investment in your child's oral health. Traditional metal braces can correct many orthodontic issues, including crooked teeth, bite, and jaw problems.

The average price for children's braces in New Jersey is $3,500 to $7,500. This approximate price range may vary by city and orthodontic practice.

Why Many Children Need Braces

Many children develop orthodontic issues starting in early childhood. Today, the first orthodontic exam typically happens around the age of seven. By age seven, enough permanent teeth have erupted to give the orthodontist a good idea about whether the child will need further intervention.

The Advantages of Metal Braces for Children


Pediatric patients need the strength and durability of metal braces. Orthodontists must perform frequent adjustments, and metal brackets and archwires can withstand them.


Orthodontists can customize braces with elastics, chains, and attachments for various orthodontic issues.


Traditional braces are less expensive than other types of orthodontic treatment. They provide a better value for the cost, and their effectiveness is without question.

Ability to Correct Severe Issues

Metal braces can correct minor alignment issues. Orthodontists can also fix severe problems like jaw malformation, crossbite, and significant underbite and overbite.

Tips for Parents of Children With Braces

Getting braces can be an adjustment for the entire family. Here are tips to make the process smoother:

Help Your Child Keep Their Braces Clean

Teach your child proper oral care techniques with your orthodontist's guidance. Cleaning around the brackets and wires is vital and can prevent future decay and gum disease issues. Consider buying a water flosser device to make the process easier.

Reinforce Restricted Foods

Foods like popcorn, nuts, and sticky candy should not be part of the child's diet. Parents who help their children adhere to the orthodontist's instructions will promote success.

Keep Orthodontic Wax On Hand

Children may experience some tenderness in their mouths due to braces. Orthodontic wax can cover the rough edges and help to make the experience more comfortable.

The Lasting Impact of Orthodontic Work

While braces may seem expensive, not correcting your child's orthodontic issues may lead to significant expenses in later life. 

Patients with poorly aligned teeth may experience more tooth decay and gum disease than patients with straight teeth. This problem happens because it is more challenging to keep crooked teeth clean, and they may accumulate plaque and food particles that cause later issues. Compared to the cost of dental work for adults, the price of braces seems like a worthy investment.

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