Traditional Braces in New Jersey

Traditional Metal Braces

The orthodontists at Tender Smiles 4 Kids provide traditional braces for New Jersey patients in Freehold, North Brunswick, Edison, Roselle and Ocean. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment at one of our 5 offices.

Metal braces remain the most commonly used form of orthodontic treatment. They’ve been the gold standard in orthodontia for years and they’re not going away anytime soon: traditional metal braces are economical and effective. That said, they’ve also made great strides in recent years and if you’re a parent, you should know that they’re not the same braces you had when you were a teen. These days, brackets are smaller and lower profile, making them less obtrusive and more comfortable for our patients. Archwire technology has advanced, moving teeth quickly and efficiently, making braces work better than ever before.

Why Choose Traditional Braces

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are the reasons why traditional braces remain such a popular choice with our patients:

  • Because they’re made with stainless steel, metal braces are the most durable option for orthodontic treatment.
  • Metal braces are attached to your teeth, so patients have no choice but to wear them all day, every day. Clear plastic aligners only work when patients are wearing them.
  • For complex orthodontic cases, traditional metal braces are often either the only option or a better option for treatment than the alternatives.
  • Metal braces are usually less expensive than plastic aligners and clear braces.
  • Many of our younger patients have fun customizing their braces with different colored elastics.
  • Metal braces are a reliable orthodontic solution that’s been used for decades for one simple reason: they work.
  • Treatment with traditional braces often takes less time than alternative treatment options.

Metal braces are versatile, too. They can be used to correct nearly every orthodontic issue, including underbites, overbites, cross-bites, misaligned teeth, and more. Metal braces let us help our patients achieve beautiful smiles in a predictable manner.

To learn more about metal braces, contact us today to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist at one of our 5 New Jersey locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Braces

Do metal braces work faster?

Metal braces may work slightly faster than ceramic braces, but the difference these days is usually negligible. When comparing metal braces to Invisalign, metal braces often come out ahead simply because Invisalign aligners only work when they’re being worn, while metal braces are attached to your teeth 24/7. Patients who take their aligners out often and leave them out for long periods of time may end up extending their treatment, but this isn’t an option with metal braces.

How long do metal braces take?

The average length of time needed for metal braces is 24 months, but remember that this is an average—many patients need braces for a shorter amount of time, and rarely, a complex orthodontic case may require more than 24 months. You can make sure your child is on track to get their braces off as soon as possible by ensuring that they never miss an appointment and calling us right away if a bracket breaks, a wire falls out of place, or an elastic goes missing.

Do metal braces damage teeth?

Many patients (or their parents) are concerned that metal braces will damage the teeth. The answer here is complicated—the metal braces themselves will not damage teeth, but what can cause damage is plaque that collects around the brackets. This plaque can cause white spots or even tooth decay. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to make sure your child is brushing and flossing thoroughly. A water flosser can help clear away buildup from around the brackets.

How quickly do metal braces start working?

Braces start working immediately—that’s why patients complain of sore teeth after getting them! That said, metal braces are meant to move the teeth gradually, so you’re unlikely to notice any visual difference until after about a month.

Are metal braces better than clear?

When clear braces were first introduced, metal braces were stronger and more efficient, but they have advanced to the point where both options are effective for treating most patients. That means the answer to this question comes down to your personal preferences. Patients who value a more discreet option prefer clear braces, while those who are looking for the most cost-effective solution choose metal braces.