How Do Clear Brackets Work?

How Do Clear Brackets Work?

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Clear brackets make a great alternative to traditional metal braces. They have a number of advantages over both metal braces and aligners. More comfortable and far less cumbersome and intrusive than metal braces, clear brackets also do not require daily removal when eating or driving like aligners do.

Clear bracket braces combine high tech archwires with tie-less braces. This state-of-the-art technology allows teeth to move quickly and comfortably into the best position - shaping a great smile. These clear braces essentially combine the best features of traditional clear braces with those of invisible aligners, and in doing so, deliver treatment that’s just about invisible when seen from a distance. 

There are many other benefits to clear bracket braces as well.

Why Choose Clear Brackets

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear braces are virtually invisible from afar. That’s not their only advantage, though. Our patients and their families choose clear brackets because:

  • Some orthodontic issues are too complex to treat effectively using Invisalign aligners
  • Some patients prefer not having to remove aligners while eating, as is required
  • Clear brackets work efficiently, 24/7 which can shorten treatment time
  • Parents may worry about children losing or not using aligners as directed
  • Clear brackets are attractive in appearance and stain-resistant

In short, clear bracket braces work like traditional braces except that the brackets are clear, less noticeable, and more comfortable. If your child is not a candidate for Invisalign, they’re a great option.  

The Appeal of Clear Bracket Braces

While the clear bracket brace system works like traditional braces, moving your teeth into position through wires and brackets over time, they are more comfortable than traditional metal braces, as well as being far less visible.

The gentle adhesives your dental team will use to attach these braces to teeth are less damaging to your teeth than those used for metal braces, protecting the enamel. 

Because clear bracket braces are attached directly to teeth, your child won’t have to take them in or out as they would with Invisalign aligners. 

And with proper brushing and flossing, they’ll stay attractive and clear, keeping their unobtrusive appearance as well as comfort. As is true with any braces, it’s important to brush and floss twice a day, and discover the techniques for flossing with braces that work the best. Your dentist can help instruct your child on the best way to care for teeth and braces while wearing the clear bracket teeth straightening system. 

If you choose clear brackets over metal braces, your child will find that the brackets blend in well with natural tooth color, improving confidence in appearance and eliminating the cosmetic distraction of metal braces. 

And, because the brackets are not metal, there will be less possibility for scrapes or cuts when wearing them, as compared to metal braces, too. 

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