3 Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

3 Key Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

Team General Dentistry

People have been using the same type of manual toothbrush since the 15th century. Electric toothbrushes hit the American market in 1960, but they didn’t get much traction until recently. Today, though, both dental professionals and consumers are starting to understand the tremendous advantages of electric toothbrushes. Here are 3 key benefits for kids.

1. Better and Safer Cleaning

Learning to brush your teeth is tough! Many adults don’t have proper technique, and brushing can feel overwhelming for little ones who lack manual dexterity. If your child has braces or slightly crooked teeth, perfect brushing can be nearly impossible.

Electric toothbrushes make the process much easier. Their heads are designed to clean all the teeth, even the hard to reach ones in the back. They also spin at thousands of strokes per minute, rather than the 300 strokes per minute that an adult can achieve—kids tend to brush even more slowly. These design features ensure that all of your child’s teeth get sparkling clean.

Using just the right amount of pressure is an art. Some kids brush too softly to be effective, but some brush too hard. This puts them at risk for removing tooth enamel, making the teeth sensitive and cavity prone, as well as for injuring the gums. Electric toothbrushes solve both issues related to pressure. Your child just needs to hold the toothbrush to her teeth, and the toothbrush will do the work.

2. Ease of Use

Electric toothbrushes make up for children’s small hands and lack of dexterity. They have large, wide handles that are easy to grip, and the child only needs to move the toothbrush around to the different parts of his mouth. The toothbrush provides the cleaning power, even for the hardest to reach teeth.

3. Keeping Time

Proper brushing means brushing each quadrant of the mouth for 30 seconds, for a total of two full minutes of brushing time. Yet few adults are capable of accurately judging time. For kids, it is virtually impossible. Choose an electric toothbrush that beeps every 30 seconds, and all your child needs to do is switch quadrants at the beep.

It is true that electric toothbrushes are more expensive than disposable toothbrushes at the outset. However, they also last far longer. You will need to change the head regularly, but not the entire brush. With so many advantages, especially for kids, it is well worth the effort to make the switch to an electric toothbrush.

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