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What Is Fluoride Treatment?

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Fluoride is a natural element that is found in most water sources. Fluoride is known to help reduce the risk of tooth decay, which is why fluoride is a key ingredient in many brands of toothpaste and mouthwash. But for small mouths and tiny teeth, it can be hard to get enough fluoride from water and toothbrushing alone. After all, small mouths only require the tiniest bit of toothpaste to brush. That’s why pediatric dentists offer fluoride treatments. So what exactly is fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments provided by the caring pediatric dentists at Tender Smiles 4 Kids involve the application of fluoride to your child’s teeth in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. It may be applied with a swab or a brush. The entire process is completely painless and takes just a few minutes. After the treatment is applied, your child should wait approximately thirty minutes before eating or drinking. They should also refrain from brushing their teeth for four to six hours. 

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Children

Fluoride treatments provide numerous benefits for children by way of preventing cavities and tooth decay. For example, fluoride treatments can help to replace lost calcium and phosphate, both of which are essential for maintaining strong teeth. Stronger teeth are healthier teeth, and therefore not as susceptible to holes developing in their surface. These tiny holes are commonly known as cavities. If cavities go untreated, infections can develop underneath the tooth. 

Unfortunately, infections are a leading cause of tooth extraction in children. So, by adding a routine fluoride treatment when recommended by your dentist, you can help strengthen teeth and safeguard against cavities, infections, and tooth extractions. 

Does My Child Need Fluoride Treatment?

There is no way to know if your child needs a fluoride treatment just by looking at their teeth. If you live in an area with fluoridated water, and your child drinks tap water, they may be getting enough fluoride. But you’ll need to confirm with your dentist. Most children are good candidates for a fluoride treatment. If you are unsure of whether a fluoride treatment is warranted, check with your dentist.

Are Fluoride Treatments Safe for Children?

In a word, yes. Fluoride treatments are safe for children. In fact, the American Dental Association and the American Association of Pediatric Dentists both recommend that children should receive fluoride treatments twice a year to help prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments have been proven to be excellent preventative treatments that are safe and effective.

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Tender Smiles 4 Kids is a top-reviewed children’s dental group in New Jersey. With five locations throughout the state, our pediatric dentists regularly provide fluoride treatments for children. Tender Smiles 4 Kids offers comprehensive dental services to children of all ages and needs. We offer sedation dentistry and laser dentistry for children who are frightened by going to the dentist. We also offer early intervention services including the Icon Procedure which can stop the progression of cavities before fillings or root canals are necessary.

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