• Why did you get into pediatric dentistry?

    I wanted to work with young children since I was a teenager. When I realized that there was such a thing as pediatric dentistry, I became even more interested, because it is so challenging for children to go to the dentist. I felt like I could make the pediatric dental experience so much better by creating an environment where a child feels at ease and like they’re not even going to a dentist. By the time I went to dental school, I already knew that my goal was to continue my studies in pediatric dentistry.

  • Why have you have had such success and longevity with your patients?

    I believe that every child and every parent deserves an individualized, customized approach not only to treatment, but also to handling each situation. From the first visits to presenting a diagnosis and treatment plan, our patients and parents feel that they are privately, respectfully attended to without leaving out any details. In addition, we treat our team members like family. Patients like to see the same faces here over and over. Our team becomes familiar and our patients feel comfortable returning to our office, whether it's for dentistry or orthodontics.

  • You've been a dentist for a long time. What are the questions that you are asked most frequently?

    Many of our most common questions relate to sedation and general anesthesia, and whether the child will feel any discomfort during or after. We also get a lot of safety questions regarding the materials and techniques we use. Our practice uses no formaldehyde, formocresol, mercury or other hazardous materials. All of our products are BPA free. We utilize the newest technology, including digital radiographs and lasers, to minimize risks and side effects. In addition, we are committed to continuing education not only for our doctors, but also our auxiliary staff. We continuously attend courses in safety, pediatric dentistry, behavior management, sedation, and general anesthesia.

  • Pediatric dentists watch their patients grow and change, going through different life stages. Are there unique stages in pediatric dentistry?

    There are many stages as children develop. We encourage parents to bring in their infants starting at one year of age. Our stages could be divided into toddlers, young children, mixed dentition when the permanent teeth start to emerge, pre-teens, and teenagers. The last stage is college-aged kids who transition from our practice to an adult practice.

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