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How To Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity is a very unpleasant condition when you are an adult -- which means the pain is even worse for a kid. Whether it is the result of eating something too cold or too hot or having air hit the tooth, the pain can be enough to make you want to squeal out in pain. 

Kids love to eat popsicles by the pool on a hot day and shouldn’t have to sit out while their friends partake all because of tooth sensitivity. And while this is always something you should definitely discuss with your pediatric dentist, there are a few things you can do to help relieve tooth sensitivity. 

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity in Children

It is important to note that rarely ever will a tooth just be sensitive for no reason. There is usually always an underlying cause that may need to be addressed by your child’s dentist. A few of the most common causes are of tooth sensitivity are: 

Permanent Teeth Erupting. Eventually all those cute little baby teeth are going to fall out. And, when they do, the permanent teeth that begin erupting will be sensitive. And they will cause pain when it comes to cold and hot food and beverages as well as air. 

Chipped or Cracked Tooth. Any damage to a tooth, such as chips and cracks, can expose its inner dentin and lead to sensitivity. Tooth damage can come from falls or other trauma accidents, teeth grinding, or even biting down on hard foods. 

Brushing Too Hard. Hard brushing can lead to gum and enamel erosion -- even at a young age. And this can lead to sensitivity. 

Cavity or Decay. Cavities and tooth decay can lead to painful and sensitive teeth. An appointment with your dentist should be made as soon as possible. 

Sinus Concerns. If your child is dealing with sinus issues, this could also cause sensitive teeth -- primarily at the top of the mouth. If it seems to appear while your child is sick and then disappear as the illness gets better, it could be the result of sinuses.

Relieving Tooth Sensitivity

There are a few things you can try to help relieve your child from sensitive teeth - or a sensitive tooth. However, just to make sure that there are no underlying issues, it is important to make an appointment with your child’s dentist.

In the meantime, try these tips!

Proper Oral Hygiene Habits. Help your child engage in proper oral hygiene on a regular basis. This means brushing twice daily and flossing at least once. Doing this can keep the mouth free and clear of bacteria and lower the chance of cavities and decay. Be sure that your child is using a soft-bristled toothbrush and isn’t brushing too hard. 

Use Toothpaste Made for Sensitive Teeth. Invest in a toothpaste that is going to be beneficial to your child and help with sensitive teeth. Though, as a precaution, depending on the age of your child, it is a good idea to ask your dentist for a recommendation. 

Seek Help From Your Dentist. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity that stems from things like cracks, chips, or cavities needs to be addressed by your pediatric dentist. Various treatments,such as dental fillings and crowns can help to restore the tooth and wipe out the sensitivity. 

Tooth Sensitivity at Tender Smiles 4 Kids

Dealing with tooth sensitivity can be something minor or it could require the attention of your pediatric dentist. At Tender Smiles 4 Kids we want your child to have the healthiest mouth without any discomfort or sensitivity. 

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