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How Much Does Pediatric Tooth Bonding Cost In New Jersey?

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Tooth bonding is a simple and affordable pediatric procedure. Bonding can cover discolored, misshapen, gapped, and chipped teeth quickly and easily without anesthesia or side effects.

In New Jersey, pediatric tooth bonding costs approximately $100 to $450 per tooth before insurance.

Why Perform Bonding on a Child's Teeth?

Bonding uses a tooth-colored composite material to cover flaws and boost the strength of a child's teeth. Parents may consider these flaws only aesthetic, but having visibly damaged teeth can harm a child or teen's self-image.

Advantages of Pediatric Tooth Bonding

Pediatric dentists often prefer tooth bonding to alternative procedures that may be more expensive and complex. The following are other advantages of this technique:

  • Replaces more expensive cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening
  • Covers white spots from medication or fluorosis that teeth whitening does not affect
  • Easy for the dentist and the child
  • Only takes one appointment

The Tooth Bonding Process

Bonding is an easy, painless process with no side effects on the patient's teeth. Before bonding, the dentist chooses the best shade of composite material to match the tooth. They thoroughly clean the teeth and roughen them with a safe acid solution so the bonding material will adhere.

The dentist mixes the composite resin bonding material and applies it in layers, shaping it to create a natural-looking surface. After placing the material on the tooth, the dentist hardens it with a special light. The dentist may need to fine-tune your child's bite after placing the bonding material.

The dentist smooths and polishes the bonding material to finish the process, creating a beautiful, natural appearance. Your child will smile with confidence.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

Bonding usually resists chipping and staining for approximately three to five years. After this time has passed, your child may need a touch-up or repeat procedure.

Good Candidates for Pediatric Tooth Bonding

Most children with stained or damaged teeth are good candidates for bonding, but some pediatric patients need special consideration. If a tooth will naturally fall out soon, it is best to wait before performing bonding.

If your child's teeth have suffered extensive damage or severe decay, a different restorative option may be necessary, like a filling or crown. We will examine your child's teeth and let you know whether dental bonding is appropriate.

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Pediatric tooth bonding is a simple yet versatile procedure that can help with several aesthetic flaws. If you believe your child needs tooth bonding, please contact us at one of our convenient New Jersey locations for assistance. We can answer your questions about tooth bonding and make a prompt appointment for your child.