Do I Need Braces? What To Expect From Your Orthodontic Visit

Do I Need Braces? What To Expect From Your Orthodontic Visit

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Is it time to go a step above regular dental visits and see an orthodontist?

Jaw and teeth misalignment are known to cause tooth decay, gum disease, and many other periodontal problems. It’s also a very common problem in both adults and children. Children often need braces for a variety of reasons, from inherited features to dental diseases and accidents.

There are also common signs and symptoms that indicate the need for braces. In this article, we’ll discuss these signs, as well as what to expect from an orthodontic visit.

Signs You Need Braces

Whether you’re an adult or child, there are signs and symptoms that indicate the need for braces. As an adult, these signs look like this:

  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Cutting or biting your tongue frequently
  • Difficulty saying or pronouncing various sounds
  • Clicking jaws when you chew
  • Teeth that don’t properly close over each other
  • Difficulty flossing between teeth

With children, the signs are a little different because their mouths and teeth are still growing and developing. Crowded or crooked teeth in children may signal braces in the future, but that is not the only sign and symptom for children that need braces.

Like adults, you can look for signs in children like clicking jaws, biting their tongue or cheek frequently, and teeth that don’t come together when the mouth is closed. Other factors to look for include:

  • Thumb-sucking past the age of 2
  • Late or an early loss of baby teeth
  • Breathing through their mouth

Factors like poor dental hygiene, poor nutrition, and genetics are all reasons that both children and adults end up needing braces.  

What To Expect From An Orthodontic Visit

Once you’re considered a qualified candidate for braces, the first orthodontist appointment you attend is one of the most important. Not only will you receive a thorough exam and consultation, but you’ll also receive your braces or aligners!

During your first orthodontic visit, you meet with the team and get an examination with x-rays of your mouth and teeth. Depending on your personal results, a customized treatment plan is created to address your specific needs. This will also include discussing financing plans and insurance options.

To sum up an orthodontic visit, here’s what to expect:

  • Medical and dental history discussion
  • Oral examination and imagery
  • Discussion on a customized treatment plan
  • Question and answers
  • Insurance, payment, and financing options
  • Scheduling future appointments

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In both adults and children, a traditional sign that signals the need for braces is crowded or crooked teeth. However, this isn’t the only indication that braces are needed. It’s important to look for the signs and symptoms discussed in this article to see if you need to schedule a visit with your dentist.

To know exactly what to expect from your orthodontic visit, please contact us at any of our 5 locations today to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. It’s time to stop procrastinating and get on the road towards a healthier and happier smile!