Benefits of the Icon Procedure

Benefits of the Icon Procedure

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By the age of 2, nearly 30% of children will have developed cavities in their teeth. However, thanks to the innovative, minimally invasive Icon procedure, cavities can be prevented in your child’s teeth at the first signs of tooth decay. Here’s what to know about the Icon procedure and how it can prevent cavities from fully forming in teeth.

What is the Icon Procedure?

Pediatric dentistry prioritizes prevention. After all, small problems that are caught early can prevent your child from having to undergo less comfortable, more invasive treatments in the future. That’s why the Icon procedure is such a breakthrough for pediatric dentistry.

 The Icon procedure was first introduced in pediatric dentistry in 2009, after extensive studies spanning a decade. The Icon procedure is also known as resin infiltration. It is a minimally invasive restorative treatment that prevents enamel defects from becoming cavities. These defects may also be referred to as enamel bruising or enamel demineralization.

During the procedure, the tooth or teeth that will be treated will be cleansed. Then a liquid infiltrant will be applied to infiltrate the tooth enamel and strengthen it so that the cavity does not progress. The process is fast, completed in a single visit, and recovery from the procedure is immediate. 

Benefits of the Icon Procedure

The primary benefit of the Icon procedure for children is to prevent the progression of cavities, which will require fillings. The entire procedure is completely pain-free and doesn’t even require anesthesia.  No drilling is involved in the Icon procedure.

A second, and very significant benefit of the Icon procedure is that it maintains the natural structure of your child’s teeth. Consider that if a cavity develops, the decay must be removed before the tooth can be filled. The Icon procedure doesn’t require any removal of decay.

The Icon procedure is also a very fast procedure, which benefits parents and children who may have trouble sitting still for a long time, or who are fearful of going to the dentist. This quick, painless procedure also doesn’t require an additional follow-up appointment. 

The Icon procedure also results in lasting protection from cavity development. Studies have shown that it can prevent the progression of cavities for up to five years. The treatment can be repeated if necessary to ensure adequate enamel protection. 


Finally, consider that the Icon treatment can be much more affordable when compared to more costly treatments for cavities later.  

Is the Icon Procedure Right for Your Child?

The Icon procedure can only prevent cavities in their very early stages from progressing. It cannot be used to treat teeth with significant decay. However, when early signs of demineralization are caught, the Icon procedure can quickly and painlessly prevent the need for other restorative treatments.

For children who have a fear of dental treatment, the Icon procedure is a terrific option. As a fast, pain-free, micro-invasive procedure, children with dental anxiety find the procedure much less intimidating than fillings. Your pediatric dentist will let you know if the Icon procedure may be appropriate to help your child to prevent the development of cavities. 

Icon Treatment for Cavity Prevention in Children

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