3 Reasons for Kids to See the Dentist Regularly

3 Reasons for Kids to See the Dentist Regularly

Team Pediatric Dentistry

Regular dental visits are just as important for kids as for adults. While it is true that baby teeth will fall out anyway, now is the time to set good oral health habits that will stay with your child for a lifetime. In addition, the permanent teeth are developing, and poor oral health could damage them before they emerge. Besides, kids need their baby teeth for biting and chewing until the permanent teeth come in. Here are 3 huge reasons for kids to see the dentist regularly.

1. Prevention

As noted, your child’s baby teeth are just as important to him as your permanent teeth are to you. In addition, the developing permanent teeth could become damaged. Brushing and flossing are vital, but they are simply not enough on their own. Professional dental cleanings remove left-behind plaque and tartar. At each appointment, your child’s dentist will also search for any emerging issues that could worsen over time. Cavity fillings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants are just a few ways that we can prevent issues down the line.

2. Early Detection

Cavities and gum disease are just two examples of oral health issues that can affect children as well as adults. Both are easy to treat early on, but will gradually worsen without treatment. Early detection is vital to protecting your child’s future oral health.

3. One on One Time

Your child’s dental appointment gives you valuable one on one time with her dentist and hygienist. This is a great opportunity to discuss ways of getting your child to brush regularly, to learn new tips and tricks for better oral health, and even to learn the truth behind the latest fad treatments. You can talk about mouthguards for sports, electric toothbrushes, and other equipment to protect your child’s teeth. Take advantage of each appointment to become as up to date as possible about caring for your child’s smile.

Today’s kids and parents are busy, and it can be difficult to carve out time for regular dental visits. Yet the benefits are well worth the effort. Maintenance and prevention are always easier and less expensive than waiting for an emergency, and the habits you set now can stay with your child for a lifetime.

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